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4 June 2010
And the contents of my handbag is ... - project me day 153

After a very exciting day that I need more time to reminisce about, I dashed off to dinner with an old school friend. I can't believe how some connections never seem to fade. Well, actually, that's not entirely true considering we only really knew each other in school because ... well we are guessing that […]

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3 June 2010
Friends, soccer fans and a little Grease - project me day 152

I had a day of forcing myself to get through everything. As bad as that sounds, I woke up not wanting to face the day and then realised I had two choices. Pull the covers over my head and hide away or get up, go to gym and face the day and all the things […]

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21 May 2010
Who has the right Google formula? - project me day 140

I'm no different to anyone else when it comes to wanting rankings and hopes to find myself and my business on the first page of Google. I have stories about SEO 'experts' and formulas that have been offered to me to make sure that I'm up there with the best of the best. Of course […]

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6 May 2010
Why people should be like parrots - project me day 125

Meet Albie, who is no less than one of the family. She is officially my mother's sixth child and has become very accustomed to living the life of a queen, including a summer and winter outside house ... I might add.

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3 May 2010
Butterfly tummy mornings - project me day 122

Even though I'm reflecting on my chilled out Sunday, I can't help but be conscious of the fact that I've woken up, yet again, with those nervous butterflies flittering around my tummy. It started well over a week ago and they haven't seemed to go anywhere except around in circles, leaving me feeling a little […]

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30 April 2010
Meta tags for life - project me day 119

I'm so close to launching the my totally revamped website. The new blog is bubbling under with a few glitches that need to be ironed out. My baby company, Lifeology, is slowly becoming the hub of it all and I can almost taste the launch of our well kept secret for all the children of […]

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29 April 2010
Boobs go first - project me day 118

Yes ... this blog is about my boobs! But first I'm taking one last moment to vent over the chaos that I've had with technology for the past few days. When I was growing up and one of my siblings irritated me, I would run crying to my mother. She always had the same answer […]

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28 April 2010
Without power in the midst of Johannesburg - Project me day 117

More than 20 hours later and I'm still without power. No electricity for so many hours is sure to have a person spending a good amount of time either with themselves or with the people they share their home with.

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20 April 2010
"Hi" sugar! - project me day 109

It's such a rewarding feeling to turn around and go ... "I told you so!" ... well, actually that's such ego! So ... "I told you so"! If only I wasn't?referring?to the knowing that my blood tests would indicate the something is not right with my sugar levels.

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19 April 2010
Simply Sunday - project me day 108

It's always the story of the shoemaker's daughter and very hard to believe that I have been in the beauty industry since 1992 ... then why am I doing my own manicure and pedicure on a Sunday afternoon with my sister painting my toe nails and me painting my fingers?

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