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6 May 2011
Some things are worth fighting for ... or with - project me day 491

The other day I put on my Blackberry messenger status that the only thing constant is change. Some people have positive affirmations, other people remind themselves to breathe and I churn the reality into my head ... the only thing constant is change! It's a common saying but to let it sink in has made […]

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5 May 2011
SNL: It's not what you think - project me day 490

Since I started blogging I'm very proud of the way I have managed to feel my way around things and get a grip on other things. I've been feeling around in the dark and learning the power of swapping favours and saying the right things at the right time ... you know I'm talking about […]

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22 January 2011
Cleared for takeoff - project me day 387

It's the first Saturday morning in ages that my schedule has so many possibilities. Despite the fact that I can't act on them because my car battery is flat is totally besides the point. Just the fact that I can think about climbing in my car and driving to the shops or that my gym […]

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22 December 2010
To sing or cry in the rain? - project me day 356

You know that saying 'it doesn't rain but it pours?' Well it's officially true. I'm a big believer that nothing is real until you have experienced it or chosen to believe it. Some beliefs are chosen without a lesson having to be learned ... and then there is the other way. You know, the one […]

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30 November 2010
All in good time - project me day 330

It's been an interesting 'project me' day. After ending yesterday in such pain and crisis, I was pleasantly surprised to feel so positive and unafraid of a backward spiral with my back injury. I think I needed to have a mini relapse and wake up knowing that some rest, a positive attitude and a bit […]

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27 July 2010
Boy friends and eyeliner - project me day 207

If you ask Greggie his first impression of me when we met he'll say he thought I was a drama queen, which is so cheap coming from a queen. Granted, it's difficult to tell that Greggie is gay unless you have brilliant gaydar or are in close proximity of a Shirley Bassey song. I know […]

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14 July 2010
I think I'm the same as I always was - project me day 194

I love updating my Facebook status. Don't really care who reads it or what anyone thinks of me because of them. I just care that there's a place to splash out a thought, a moment and a reflection of who I am on a daily basis. My Facebook is riddled with friends and family and […]

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8 June 2010
What's in a Facebook poke? - project me day 157

Nothing is meaningless. No one actually does something for no reason at all. Not even the Facebook poke. I remember my humble introductions to Facebook and feeling my way around making friends and joining a whole bunch of pointless applications and groups. I also remember receiving a message from a friend who told me to […]

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2 June 2010
I'm not that girl anymore - project me day 151

Admittedly, I can't blog for long today (being halfway through day 152) because I've managed to waste more than half of it forcing myself into positive spaces ... but that's for tomorrow's blog. Today, I just have to get through this so that I can finally do some work for the first time in a […]

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18 May 2010
This is my rite of passage - project me day 136

Even though I've got a dear friend who's helped me prep for this afternoon's tattoo and I'm more than a thousand percent sure that I want this beautiful piece of art that is symbolic and permanent ... I can't help but admit that yesterday was consumed with the distracting fears of the needle. Text Guy […]

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