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12 May 2010
Hey world - I'm a blogger - project me day 131

My absolute favourite series on TV is House. There's too much about it to admire, chuckle at and return for to even mention, but when an episode relates exactly to you ... you gasp. It wasn't the dying person (she sighs with relief) but her lifestyle that had me fixated and?analyzing?my symptoms. She was a […]

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6 May 2010
Why people should be like parrots - project me day 125

Meet Albie, who is no less than one of the family. She is officially my mother's sixth child and has become very accustomed to living the life of a queen, including a summer and winter outside house ... I might add.

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25 April 2010
Low GI, high emotion - project me day 114

When I started ?project me? one of the things that I knew I wanted to start having fun with, become goalless about and change without becoming obsessive, was my weight. In the first post I wrote, over four months ago, I shared a story with you about a very (maybe a little too) honest friend […]

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16 April 2010
Appointments, meetings and bookings - project me day 105

I'm definately waking up more alive and refreshed after going to sleep before midnight, now working into the late hours and switching off the brain for a while. The stats have gone a bit to the dogs since the change in plans, but I'm have to remember that focusing on rankings for 'project me' is […]

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10 April 2010
A hundred things I've learned about me in 100 days - Day 100

1. ?I can't believe it's been 100 days of putting me first, having fun and living goallessly.

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