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19 October 2010
My world of normal - project me day 290

Today was the second session of body stress release therapy and I woke up with three burning concerns. Insomnia, midnight?starvation?and where is the leaking spinal fluid now? In my world those were my only concerns when I woke up. My most natural anticipation was making it through a day without a pain pill or being […]

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12 October 2010
93 on Jan Smuts - project me day 283

Sadly my enthusiasm about sitting up and typing my blog wasn?t enough for it to happen because yesterday?s adventure took a little more strain on my body than I had realised. But Greggie has come to the rescue and is typing for me because yesterday?s experience is truly one that I want to share. (Thank […]

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8 October 2010
Madness of the mind - project me day 279

Greggie says he has such a good laugh because I say I'm going to do a quick blog and it's this long story even if I'm blogging from my Blackberry or if my back is killing me. It's not my fault, I'm going nuts not being able to write. I've been getting a few spurts […]

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31 August 2010
Stranded for all the right reasons - project me day 242

I woke up to the little voice of my nephew saying "Ssssh, Aunty Jo is sleeping!" Alright, he was shouting it about a baby step away from me, but I can't deny that isn't not a precious way to wake up. The downside is that by aching back was too sore to even stretch out […]

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30 August 2010
Pain in the butt - project me day 241

That's literally where the pain has settled itself. I feels like I'm sitting on it and when I told the chiro I felt as though a sumo wrestler should sit on, she didn't think that was the wisest idea. I feel as though I'm running out of ideas but she seems to have faith for […]

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12 August 2010
The toughest advice a friend can ask for - project me day 223

I dreamed about my dad last night. It wasn't great ... he needed something and I was telling my mom that it was pointless helping him because he was going to die anyway. I woke up still smiling that I had spent some time with him, eventhough I don't remember talking to him. I don't […]

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31 July 2010
Blogger award nomination - project me 211

Cosmopolitan mag is holding its first blog awards and the nominations for ?project me? have begun.

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27 July 2010
Boy friends and eyeliner - project me day 207

If you ask Greggie his first impression of me when we met he'll say he thought I was a drama queen, which is so cheap coming from a queen. Granted, it's difficult to tell that Greggie is gay unless you have brilliant gaydar or are in close proximity of a Shirley Bassey song. I know […]

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26 July 2010
Two sides of the same coin - project me day 206

It's common knowledge that along with all the fabulous assets I was blessed with, I was also given an additional daily allowance a few extra thousand words a day. I have to do something with them, so I blog. That aside, I believe that I have the confidence and passion enough to share my life […]

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24 July 2010
Boys help me out here? - project me day 204

So there's thing guy who has been chatting to me for a few days. I've decided that it's time I find out the collective way that men think even though 'project me' is about doing it my way anyway. Anyway, back to the guy.

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