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23 July 2010
Not so psycho after all - project me day 203

All a girl really needs to do is vent a little. There is something very healing in throwing all the toys out the cot and then kicking them around a little before throwing them against walls and maybe aiming at a head or two that seems to calm the insanity. So much for thinking that […]

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19 July 2010
This soul thing is working - project me day 199

Firstly, my Greggie is sick and my natural mothering instincts are to molly coddle him and make sure that he does all the things within the collective to make sure he gets better. That would just be totally dumb considering we both know that he didn't 'catch' flu and that manifested if from whatever is […]

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18 July 2010
There is always someone - project me day 198

It's human nature to focus on the 'don't haves' and I've made it my mission this year to be as conscious as possible and realise all that I do have. In 2 days time I will have hit the 200 mark of 'project me'. 200 days of being conscious and focusing on all that I […]

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16 July 2010
I stayed in bed all day - project me day 196

(This one's got adult content guys, you have been warned!) It's hard to imagine that you can have an extremely eventful day without even getting out of bed. I took the day off from going into the office for a number of reasons. The last of them was actually the greatest of all because I […]

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12 July 2010
Soul cravings - project me day 191

Your eyes do not deceive you. I am blogging twice in one night and all in desperate need to keep to my self inflicted promise of blogging daily. I know that I could change that at any time, but the crazy things is that not one part of me wants to. I love blogging daily […]

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10 July 2010
Flowers say so much - project me day 188

It's a splash before midnight and I have finally dragged myself home and snuggled into my warm bed where I don't have to fake it anymore. I've felt yucky the whole day ... my throat is on fire and I've been breaking out into cold sweats when I cough. I'm either nervous that I'm going […]

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2 July 2010
Passion - Project me day 181

After barely making it through the Netherlands against Brasil game, I'm back to catching my breath while watching Ghana play?Uruguay. So far my teams are through and tomorrow I have the stress of watching Germany (who I have always supported till the bitter end). Yep ... it's still soccer fever in South Africa! It's greater […]

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30 June 2010
The hangover - project me day 179

Never combine a broken heart with the finale of FlashFoward and the?penultimate Grays Anatomy. It's going to lead to uncontrollable crying and drinking sherry from a wine glass.

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25 June 2010
Touching base with my reality - project me day 174

Today's the first day I can say I think I hate blogging. I've only just become aware of my unconscious strategy and not that I know it I'm faced with the very lessons that I teach the world ... Tell myself the truth and make a change, no matter how small it might be. Just […]

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22 June 2010
How long do I wait? - project me day 171

When I was in Italy I learned the concept 'slow food' and totally fell in love with it. Respect for the Italians and their passion for good food and the patience it takes to have the best. I never ate fast food again and I never made mushy napolitana again. No instant sauce ... only […]

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