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3 May 2016
Be a storyteller and win with #MyGoogleZA

I love telling stories and wouldn't be much of a teacher, writer or entrepreneur without them. On the other side of my self esteem, I wouldn't be much of them without Google either. Confession time! Through all the bravery I display to the world, I have a fearful side of me that potential held me […]

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20 September 2014
Look daddy, I'm on TV - Project Me post 1036

I know this pattern. It always strikes when I clean up my healthy act, eat well and get exercise. My body gets overly excited at the possibilities and I'm wide awake at 5am. If I think I have any plans to get of bed and conquer the world before 7am, I have another think coming. […]

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20 July 2011
My own little circle - project me day 562

While everyone is contemplating how they feel about Google+, I sit in my own little circle of lights at the Crowne Plaza Johannesburg and blog. I'm grabbing the gap between meetings as I wait for a 7:30pm chat about bloggers in SA and how we can all support each other. Now that's what I love […]

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14 July 2011
Lipstick, lollipops and long awaited dreams - project me day 557

It's very seldom that the dream looks anything like the reality. Sometimes imagination totally underplays it and other times imagination totally overplays it. Either way, I'm living each passing day with more dreams becoming a reality. Yes, I can say that I'm pretty much on track with what I expected from all my dreaming, hard […]

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2 June 2011
I got my Google +1 - Project me day 518

The oddest things completely excite me. I'm a sucker for anything new and nothing gets past me in a shop if it's new. I can spot it from a mile away and I'm usually totally?intrigued?to try it. Usually, the only reason why I don't is because it's far too expensive just for a momentary new […]

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25 May 2010
Aliens, scabs, hits and old things - project me day 143

In a time where I'm trying to focus less on being so goalless about my website rankings and more on being purposeful about the reason why the rankings are important, I'm finding myself surrounded by ranking chaos. Just as I settle my heart about one thing, then another creeps up. This time in the form […]

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21 May 2010
Who has the right Google formula? - project me day 140

I'm no different to anyone else when it comes to wanting rankings and hopes to find myself and my business on the first page of Google. I have stories about SEO 'experts' and formulas that have been offered to me to make sure that I'm up there with the best of the best. Of course […]

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