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4 May 2014
Day 4 of Blog every day in May - project me post 1010

That one compliment! I'm sure that depending on our esteem, we remember the compliments more than others. I'm sure that some people have had the most beautiful compliments and completely missed them or brushed them off with something self-crushing. I'm sure, because I used to be one of those people. Then something changed! I met […]

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2 October 2012
Song for Greggie - project me post 882

Far too many people don't understand my absolute love for country music or ever take the journey I dare them to take and find a song that tells a story of any moment in life. Greggie is beyond my best friend and of all the things we could never relate to with each other, it's […]

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27 November 2011
Valuable lesson, tough teacher - project me day 695

Don't justify! Don't defend yourself! Don't let anyone make you doubt yourself! Don't retaliate! Don't give them the?satisfactions! Don't forget just how hard you have worked to earn your place in the world ... or in the social media sphere! Wow, that a tough and emotional weekend. On the real and energy worth investing side […]

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14 November 2011
The things money can't buy - project me day 677

The last hours of the day are beginning to feel frustrating and I'm finally learning to put myself in a position of turning that around a whole lot faster than I used to. The shadow of the day wasn't much at all. There was some gross food and horrid chai tea, with a realisation that […]

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11 October 2011
Not all days have good themes - project me day 645

Trust! I don't think I have many issues with trust. I go with the flow and don't often get taken for a major ride (not in a car) or get bitterly?disappointed (anymore). That's one of the things I can thank 'project me' for ... I used to feel betrayed all of the time. I trusted […]

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10 October 2011
Daydreams and Imagination - project me day 644

Well isn't this going to be a snappy blog!!! There are new jelly tots out that are coated in chocolate and Mr Unexpected and myself have planned the whole day around climbing into bed, talking about our exciting plans for our beautiful home and imagining our magical futures. Okay, so Mr Unexpected just wants the […]

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16 September 2011
Makeup,boys and Twits - project me day 621

I'm the first to admit that this blog has been a bit blah of late but tonight I got a whole lot of smiling to do. I know my best friend is somewhere between Seattle and San Francisco at this very moment so I'm not even sure if he will be reading this. I don't […]

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12 September 2011
You will find me at Crowne Plaza Johannesburg - project me day 617

Tomorrow is the second #SMTuesday with Crowne Plaza and Lifeology. Saturday is the second rugby world cup game between SA and Fiji and through #FollowSA we are gathering the crowds to watch at the Crowne Plaza. Thursday's meeting ... Crowne Plaza! The other day someone told me I live there and it's kinda true! They […]

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6 September 2011
Talking about our feelings - project me day 612

It's out Tuesday night gathering and the last one before Greggie leaves for an entire month. I'm therefore very grateful that my mom is having a little work crisis at work and are running very late on, as Mr Unexpected calls it, talking about our feelings. That's basically what it is in a nutshell. Every […]

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18 July 2011
Burn the Floor sizzles at Joburg Theatre - project me day 560

I'm not a?journalist, entertainment blogger or dance critic. I'm a girl who is blogging her way through life and was lucky enough to be invited to the opening night of Burn the Floor at the Joburg Theatre on my 560th day. I'm that girl who left a sick boyfriend at home for my mother to […]

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25 June 2011
Worthy of thunderous applause - project me day 540

I always wondered how this would be. The first time I would need to blog and I had a man in my life. It's one thing to be in my own little bubble and have such a hefty commitment, but it's another when someone shares your day and you have to find that moment when […]

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18 June 2011
Nature and my beast - project me day 534

All the?preparations?where going swimmingly with 'project body' until it was time to put the numbers out there for the world to see. I'm getting support in so many areas of life because I've realised that I just don't trust myself to do the journey on my own. I'm so lucky to have the support I […]

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14 June 2011
Up in the air - project me day 530

I?m thousands of feet above the ground and finally on my way home after an unexpectedly productive trip to Cape Town. This is officially my first mid-air blog, but I?m thinking that it?s far from my last. To be honest, I have that real back to school feeling and haven?t been able to shake some […]

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4 June 2011
Proudly South African - project me day 520

It's 4 hours before I am heading off to the Twitter Blanket Drive at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Rosebank. It's been one of those emotional days that people battle to understand about me. Yes, I cry for almost anything! The tears vary from excitement to fear ... but there is undoubtedly one shed often. […]

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27 May 2011
I'm not so old after all - project me day 512

I think the only person who can't believe that I used to be this club hopping, 4am on a school night kinda girl is me. I started when I was 16 (I'm sure that was under age) and discovered a club called Ceasars Palace in Braamfontein. I kid you not ... it became a standard […]

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