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5 April 2011
A little girl day - project me day 460

I have sore eyes, a sore finger, a sore throat AND I'm sneezing like 20 times in a row. I feel 5 again. I'm also giggling at life and feel like I'm playing all day. Undeniably, my days have been filled with big girl stuff, but the little girl in me keeps taking over. Some […]

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26 March 2011
Thava: From sponsor to hero - project me day 450

Like the usual chaos of life isn't enough, today I am sitting here a little (crap ... a lot frazzled) and feeling very much like it's deer in the headlights moments on after the other. Before I even begin the tales of woe, I have to say that I've just had ice cream, a very […]

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6 February 2011
Bookmark this day - project me day 402

These past few days have been pretty memorable for 'project me'. It's not often that I get myself into a space that I battle to get out after a good dose of self reflection, a good chat with a friend or some ice cream. Granted, I didn't try the ice cream bit considering it's sis's […]

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6 August 2010
Jodene meets Gossip Guy ? project me day 217

In honour of such a inspirational day I'm confessing that I snuck out to buy a large serving of ice cream to trade for my customary tea while blogging. Since the life changing introduction of my body to food, it's been a much healthier relationship that has led the way to ice cream being more […]

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17 June 2010
Not so serious answers to serious questions - day 167

By now you've figured that I distract myself (and you) from what's happening in life until I get my head around it sometimes and usually do that getting to know myself a little better. No greater way than asking random questions about who I am and what life is really all about. So, I found […]

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28 May 2010
Fake it till you make it - project me day 146

I can't believe it's nearly 7pm and I haven't had one moment to blog about yesterday ... what, with all the birthday party planning. As always, Greggie has given his friends the greatest gift of all ... a reason to forget about the world, our consciousness, our inhibitions and our baggage. He has made sure […]

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27 May 2010
One bad mood and the medicine that fixed it - project me day 145

A culmination of events, including the router for the internet connection going down, created a day worthless of any reason to smile. Well, that's what I thought until Greggie and I had to travel to the other side of Johannesburg (basically the west rand, when we live in the midst of the north). It just […]

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24 May 2010
Happy birthday week, Greggie - project me day 142

Let the celebrations begin! In true style, Greggie passionately gets swept away by build up of his birthday and has never been shy to indulge in the blessings of turning another year older. Yes, he actually gets excited about his age. He totally gets excited that it's his birthday and of course, he claims an […]

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10 April 2010
A hundred things I've learned about me in 100 days - Day 100

1. ?I can't believe it's been 100 days of putting me first, having fun and living goallessly.

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