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22 April 2022
The Two Steps It Takes to Overcome an Irrational Fear´┐╝

I have one of those! A very irrational fear that started in childhood and evolved into different arms of how my irrationality could play out.

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14 August 2017
Adulting and the Inner Child

We have become so accustom to playing with the word, adulting, that it should be in the dictionary. I've checked ... it's not .. yet! Today I had a typical adulting vs the inner child kind of day and I didn't realize it while it was playing out. Thanks to a chat with a good […]

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7 August 2012
Joburg streets filled with snow and grown-up kids - project me post 868

A few years ago I remember staring out of my window and watching a few pathetic snowflakes falling. That day I reminisced about my torture of being sick in bed on the one day that it snowed when I was about 8 years. Since then, I've always dreamed of watching snow falling while the fire […]

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