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7 December 2010
Oh the shame - project me day 337

If I don't do it and say it then I'm not dealing with me in the true light of 'project me'. Yesterday I had a gorgeous blogged planned and when my very special and innocent friend, Irvin Sammons, sent the photographs to me I fell apart. I ended up simply posting my Christmas Country song […]

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18 November 2010
Cooking weather - project me day 318

It's not exactly coastal holiday weather so there has been a lot of indoor time and the three of us plus the two doggies have had to occupy ourselves without killing each other. At least the dogs have tennis balls to chew on and feet to lie on, but the three humans had a little […]

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16 November 2010
Irvin Sammons Photographie - project me day 317

I am sure you are as sick of hearing about my sore back as I am talking about it, but the truth is that it's real, it's sore and it's here! I'm still adjusting to the fact that as I do more my body has a moment of exhaustion and pain, but it's still more […]

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15 November 2010
Didn't need much for holiday mode - project me day 316

Picture the scene ... I'm sitting in a gorgeous beach house with a cup of tea made my dear friend Irvin. Greggie is semi-passed out on the couch and blaming the sea air when in actual fact a combination of a fully tummy and few to many bubbly sips. The frogs are croaking, the ocean […]

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12 November 2010
Four hundred and forty winks - project me day 314

I have got such a beautiful 'project me' experience to share about my night at 93 on Jan Smuts, but it seems that will have to wait until tomorrow because I have pics to add and stories to tell. I have been trying to blog since about 10 am this morning with no luck ... […]

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3 October 2010
Never say die - project me day 273

This really is a short one because tonight is he last push for Sexpo and I want to be well rested. I promise to do a blog about the whole experience because it sure was one. I'm so excited that my friend Irvin has agreed to jump on board with project me and he is […]

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29 September 2010
Project me welcomes RegimA as a sponsor - project me day 270

This sponsorship could not have come at a better time and with more gratitude than when I am feeling the way I am right now. I can't believe what all the medication has done to my skin and it was frustrating to begin with. There are not enough words of gratitude to this incredible product […]

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