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11 July 2013
#StarlightExpressSA shows me the light at the end of the tunnel - project me post 963

I've really felt like the shoemaker's daughter over the last few months, coordinating #newmedia bloggers and making sure tweets about #StarlightExpressSA introduced people to the Andrew Lloyd Webber mega musical, who would otherwise not know about @joburgthreate or this phenomenal show ... but never finding a moment to blog. I would usually beat myself up […]

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15 April 2013
Sneaking backstage at Joburg Theatre for Starlight Express rehearsals

Sitting in front of a stage, taking in a performance that has been rehearsed dozens of times is one of my great joys. Live stage performances have played (excuse the pun) a very special role in my life as I have grown to be a regular new media blogger at the Joburg Theatre. There is […]

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22 January 2013
Jeremy Mansfield hops on the magic carpet ride at the Joburg Theatre's Aladdin Panto

It's my favourite time of year ... Panto Time! No wait ... it's far too early for Panto. I'm big on announcing that I think time flies, but talking about the annual Joburg Theatre tradition of Janice Honeyman's Panto so soon? On days like today I feel like the hardest working, dedicated person on earth. […]

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5 November 2012
And then it's Panto time - project me post 891

I'm always so torn between my beliefs that life is a continuous cycle and new years are just another day. Then there is the other side of me that get totally swept up in the calendar of things and feels as though new years are a totally new beginning of chapter in our lives. Well, […]

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3 August 2011
Do only Cinderella's dreams come true? - project me day 575

Once upon a time ... I have always dreamed of writing a book that started with 'once upon a time ...' because somehow, from the very first word, we know it's going be a tale that ends in ... 'and they lived happily ever after.' I grew up with parents that lived the story that […]

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