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10 January 2012
Jared Orlin tells his project me story in support of Hospice

Jared Orlin aka Gossip Guy has been writing about celebrities since 2004. As the former sub-editor of People magazine and entertainment editor of YOU magazine he's become something of a celebrity expert, a passion he translated into his blog He recently made the move out of print media (although he still freelances when he […]

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18 July 2011
Burn the Floor sizzles at Joburg Theatre - project me day 560

I'm not a?journalist, entertainment blogger or dance critic. I'm a girl who is blogging her way through life and was lucky enough to be invited to the opening night of Burn the Floor at the Joburg Theatre on my 560th day. I'm that girl who left a sick boyfriend at home for my mother to […]

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9 July 2011
{Welcome Ofra Cosmetics} From make-up to mentalist - project me day 553

Does anybody else feel as though the weeks are flying by faster and the to do list isn't getting any shorter? I can't believe it's Saturday. I certainly can't believe that I am blogging while psyching myself up to help my mom pack and get her to the airport on time. I'm so proud of […]

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