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19 April 2011
Smiles, sunshine and love - project me day 474

There is something that I am trying to figure out about my way of thinking that might be a little too?unconscious?at the moment. Yes, I do things like this and don't think I can ever be faulted for thinking too much ... except about the distracting things like money, which road to choose and boys. […]

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1 December 2010
Christmas countdown country style - project me day 231

Today was filled with Facebook and Twitter statuses that welcomed December and started to count down to Christmas. I'm still on a goalless mission and mainly counting down to the time that I wake up totally pain fee and able to drive for hours, pour with sweat at gym .. and a few other fun […]

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15 September 2010
Numb from bum to toe - project me day 256

There are different kinds of numb. The ones that attack the nervous system and the others that seem to attack the emotional fiber of your very being. Well that's what I've been experiencing the whole day today. This post is going to seem full of frustration and the truth is that it is. I'm so […]

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2 August 2010
Garfield and I hate Mondays - project me day 213

Garfield is my favourite character and of all the moments I remember about his lazy ass character,? I remember the day he tried to get away from Monday so he posted himself off to another country. What do you know, thanks to the time difference and his pathetic attempt at running away from his Monday […]

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21 July 2010
What after day 365? - project me day 201

The synchronicity ?of my thoughts and everyone else's questions has sparked an interesting question. What happens to project me after day 135? First Greggie asked, but his was more sarcasm at what excuse I would use to get out of dates early and leaving him to clean his kitchen after I have made a total […]

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8 July 2010
My life is a hallmark movie - project me day 187

I woke up with the feeling of blades slicing through my throat and an elephant sitting on my head. That's never stopped me from getting up and heading off to work to be my usual 5 to 15 minutes late. The only person who knew I shouldn't have gone into work was me! Clearly 'project […]

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26 June 2010
I can't do this - project me day 175

It's my blog and it's my project and I should be allowed to blog when I like. Um ... you think? No ... I have to blog in the moment! Who thought of this blogging daily and telling the world my truth stuff?? I wish I had some irresponsible marketing dude to blame ... but […]

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7 June 2010
Kids, kids and more kids - project me day 156

I used to live alone! I used to wake up on Sunday mornings and roll over for another few hours before dragging myself to the kitchen (naked) and making a cup of tea before?falling?back into bed for a good few hours. There were Sundays when I never got dressed and never left my bedroom. Life […]

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4 June 2010
And the contents of my handbag is ... - project me day 153

After a very exciting day that I need more time to reminisce about, I dashed off to dinner with an old school friend. I can't believe how some connections never seem to fade. Well, actually, that's not entirely true considering we only really knew each other in school because ... well we are guessing that […]

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23 May 2010
Attention: Want it! Don't want it! - project me day 141

The tattoo is healing so nicely thanks to the nappy rash cream (yep, that was the instruction from Pepi), a whole lot of care and attention from my gentle mom's applications of the ointment, Greggie's super thick applications and my brother's 'slap it on and smear' ones. I've also kept my hair tied up, considering […]

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20 May 2010
Is the moon really that powerful? - project me day 138

Most people silently go about their business, moving under the radar from one day to the next and sneaking off to have a medium sized tattoo in a place that is well thought out. For countless reasons, I am not one of those people. I don't silently go about my business (a lot of that […]

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12 May 2010
Hey world - I'm a blogger - project me day 131

My absolute favourite series on TV is House. There's too much about it to admire, chuckle at and return for to even mention, but when an episode relates exactly to you ... you gasp. It wasn't the dying person (she sighs with relief) but her lifestyle that had me fixated and?analyzing?my symptoms. She was a […]

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4 May 2010
The truth about lawyers - project me day 123

The saying is very true that it doesn't rain, but it pours. All of a sudden it seems as though everything is going to launch within the span of a few weeks and Greggie and I find ourselves shuffling urgent things in the to do list into most super urgent, urgent-urgent, urgent and less urgent […]

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2 May 2010
More getting to know me questions - project me day 121

I'm trying to have one of those days where I chill out as much as I can because I have a funny feeling that things are beginning to lift off and weekends are going to get busy. Oh wait ... from next Saturday I'm teaching archetypes again, so it is going to get busy. So, […]

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30 April 2010
Meta tags for life - project me day 119

I'm so close to launching the my totally revamped website. The new blog is bubbling under with a few glitches that need to be ironed out. My baby company, Lifeology, is slowly becoming the hub of it all and I can almost taste the launch of our well kept secret for all the children of […]

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