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2 February 2022
Jodene Shaer Leaves the Online Marketing World with a Book

This book delves deeply into Generation Z, while exploring all the generations before, and gives insight and tools that help create a new foundation and build a bridge between brands and consumers online and off.

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31 December 2013
How to know if you've had a good year - project me post 994

Very often, my best friend compares life to a roller coaster ride and presumes the analogy is a great one, however ... I hate roller coaster rides. On the other hand, I have really learned to love my life and can definitely relate it to the abundant joys of a kid in a theme park. […]

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13 July 2013
#MoneyMagic with @fairygodmother - project me week 2

It's my second week into the #moneymagic course and this week was about setting a clearer intention and taking a closer look at my relationship with money. It started with a fascinating exercise by the Fairy Godmother, Donna McCallum which made me take a look at my unique offering and putting a value to it. […]

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11 July 2013
#StarlightExpressSA shows me the light at the end of the tunnel - project me post 963

I've really felt like the shoemaker's daughter over the last few months, coordinating #newmedia bloggers and making sure tweets about #StarlightExpressSA introduced people to the Andrew Lloyd Webber mega musical, who would otherwise not know about @joburgthreate or this phenomenal show ... but never finding a moment to blog. I would usually beat myself up […]

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7 July 2013
#MoneyMagic with Fairy Godmother - Project Me week 1

I've committed. I always say that I'm not great with commitment but that as false as me saying I don't have the ability to attract loads of money. It's what my week has been filled with ... starting a very powerful online course called #moneymagic with the Fairy Godmother, Donna McCallum. It's part of our […]

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18 June 2013
Changing gears in the fast lane - project me post 958

Public holidays and the odd weekend are a chance for myself and my 3 dear friends Greggie, The Gossip Guy and my Ianie to get together and totally zone out from the world. It's always the same activity. It's a board game called Settlers on Catan. I'm sure we've contemplated playing something else once or […]

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6 June 2013
My Instalife - project me post 955

I think I'm a really awesome Instagrammer! Needless to say, there are a whole lot of cat pics. But in between I've started to notice how the story of my life unfolds in the pictures I select to share in the instaworld. This became very apparent when I was less concerned about a dozen hashtags […]

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30 May 2013
Interviewed on Radio Today for Joburg Theatre and #StarlightExpressSA

Yesterday I did one of the things I love most ... I was in studio with Chris Avant Smith talking about my exciting new role as social media publicist and the unique story behind the upcoming mega musical production, Starlight Express ... or because I like to talk in hashtags ... #StarlightExpressSA   So here […]

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15 May 2013
To experience the greatest love of all - project me post 950

It's the strangest experience writing a post from a completely different side of the Joburg Theatre. I think that's why it's taken me so long. I'm still trying to get my head around all that has changed in my life over the past few weeks and every day I promise myself that I'm going to […]

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5 May 2013
Welcome to my world Joburg Theatre and 2000 FM - project me post 949

A great lesson that I had to learn as a business woman, is that not everything we set our hearts on comes to fruition. It's also been something that I have had to learn to deal with along my Project Me journey and believing that only the things that I truly deserves will come off, […]

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15 April 2013
Sneaking backstage at Joburg Theatre for Starlight Express rehearsals

Sitting in front of a stage, taking in a performance that has been rehearsed dozens of times is one of my great joys. Live stage performances have played (excuse the pun) a very special role in my life as I have grown to be a regular new media blogger at the Joburg Theatre. There is […]

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22 January 2013
Jeremy Mansfield hops on the magic carpet ride at the Joburg Theatre's Aladdin Panto

It's my favourite time of year ... Panto Time! No wait ... it's far too early for Panto. I'm big on announcing that I think time flies, but talking about the annual Joburg Theatre tradition of Janice Honeyman's Panto so soon? On days like today I feel like the hardest working, dedicated person on earth. […]

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20 January 2013
Relive your History with Michael Jackson at the Joburg Theatre

Maybe it's just me who thinks that everyone has some kind of history with Michael Jackson. Maybe it's ?because I've been lucky to have very special memories to hold onto when I hear his music today. I would find it hard to believe that many people could go through life not having been caught wearing […]

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14 November 2012
Bongi Mthombeni tells his Project Me Story

Bongi Mthombeni ?is a South African singer best known as one of the Top 10 finalists on the sixth season of the M-Net reality competition Idols, in 2010. Born and raised in Thembisa, Bongi started taking music seriously when he was still very young. Completely self-taught, he wowed the Idols judges not only with his […]

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5 November 2012
And then it's Panto time - project me post 891

I'm always so torn between my beliefs that life is a continuous cycle and new years are just another day. Then there is the other side of me that get totally swept up in the calendar of things and feels as though new years are a totally new beginning of chapter in our lives. Well, […]

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