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29 July 2017
The Entertainer App in My Jozi

I have had an interesting week, where someone questioned my fulfillment of lifestyle, living in the big city of My Jozi. Johannesburg is a bustling metropolitan city, which doesn't have a sea view or the mountain either. It does have so much to do thought and The Entertainer App helped me realise that. Quality of […]

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5 May 2014

UBER will be providing FREE rides this coming Wednesday 7th May 2014, between 7am and 9pm, as they participate in making the country?s voting process more convenient in their own special way. This coming election day, new and existing UBER users can enter the promotion code: VOTESA to redeem two free rides, each up to […]

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26 March 2011
Thava: From sponsor to hero - project me day 450

Like the usual chaos of life isn't enough, today I am sitting here a little (crap ... a lot frazzled) and feeling very much like it's deer in the headlights moments on after the other. Before I even begin the tales of woe, I have to say that I've just had ice cream, a very […]

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4 June 2010
And the contents of my handbag is ... - project me day 153

After a very exciting day that I need more time to reminisce about, I dashed off to dinner with an old school friend. I can't believe how some connections never seem to fade. Well, actually, that's not entirely true considering we only really knew each other in school because ... well we are guessing that […]

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28 April 2010
Without power in the midst of Johannesburg - Project me day 117

More than 20 hours later and I'm still without power. No electricity for so many hours is sure to have a person spending a good amount of time either with themselves or with the people they share their home with.

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16 April 2010
Appointments, meetings and bookings - project me day 105

I'm definately waking up more alive and refreshed after going to sleep before midnight, now working into the late hours and switching off the brain for a while. The stats have gone a bit to the dogs since the change in plans, but I'm have to remember that focusing on rankings for 'project me' is […]

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