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8 June 2011
Blown away by the power of social networking - project me day 524

It's another awesome day in Cape Town and I'm thrilled to be sitting indoors and avoiding being blown away by a wind that this Jozi girl seriously is not used to. I'm clinging to my handbag that is big enough to fit a laptop into and wondering if it's going to pick up speed and […]

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14 January 2011
Craig Smith gets to know me - project me day 379

Today is an exciting beginning to a new chapter of 'project me' for me. Of all the things that I have loved about my journey as a blogger, I have been so grateful for the incredible people I have met along the way. This year I have decided to start introducing them to you too. […]

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7 November 2010
Why I blog and other questions - project me day 309

I so don't feel like blogging! That's allowed right? To totally and utterly not feel like saying a word about anything? Don't get me wrong, I had a super fun day, but I feel totally uninspired to write about it. Instead, thanks to my new blogging friend D, I am going to do my usual […]

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