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19 July 2011
I have the cutest inner child - project me day 561

Let's refresh shall we? Living 'project me' is taking life and embracing every moment with courage, consciousness and a sense of humour ... right? Well, I'm only discovering now that all those things can be masked by a whole heap of things that make it seems as though it's far too easy. I've had many […]

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14 July 2011
Lipstick, lollipops and long awaited dreams - project me day 557

It's very seldom that the dream looks anything like the reality. Sometimes imagination totally underplays it and other times imagination totally overplays it. Either way, I'm living each passing day with more dreams becoming a reality. Yes, I can say that I'm pretty much on track with what I expected from all my dreaming, hard […]

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9 July 2011
{Welcome Ofra Cosmetics} From make-up to mentalist - project me day 553

Does anybody else feel as though the weeks are flying by faster and the to do list isn't getting any shorter? I can't believe it's Saturday. I certainly can't believe that I am blogging while psyching myself up to help my mom pack and get her to the airport on time. I'm so proud of […]

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7 June 2011
Project Me welcomes Karisa Wellness Spa as an official partner

Before my big adventures in the online world, I used to be in the spa industry. I actually started off teaching at my mom's beauty school that was then rephrased into a health and skin care training academy. I was?engulfed?in the industry for years and eventually ended up owning a wellness spa as well as […]

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