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11 August 2012
The highs and lows of support when losing weight - project me day 870 #projectbody

Today I'm over the moon because I reached my first milestone. There was no time frame and I put myself under no pressure. Okay, I cried about two days ago because it seemed to be taking forever to get there, but this morning I did it. I woke up and I was out of the […]

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27 July 2012
The mind needs friends too - project me post 865 #projectbody

It's been an interesting week on #projectbody, which had the potential of ending on a pretty bleak note. Another 7 days pasted and I dropped 0.2kg. I started typing, 'only' but that's not being very kind to myself at all. I thought I was settled in not having any expectations, but it's tougher than I […]

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23 July 2012
Time to walk the talk - project me post 864 #projectbody

I hope I'm seen as the girl who supports the people around me, especially when they are out there doing their thing and making a difference in the world or in their lives. I know how very supported I have been and know the impact of inspiration and motivation. Lately I have been known to […]

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13 July 2012
Overcoming cravings & surviving the plank - project me post 862 #projectbody

I didn't have a weigh in this week. It's not that I haven't been excited to stand on the scale. Wow, I can't believe how I've changed. Well, I'm not overjoyed at standing on it but at least now I have a new attitude towards it. But still, I was all ready for it until […]

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29 June 2012
Successes and Surprises - project me post 860 #projectbody

There is something so refreshing about reflection. I've watched how much easier it is to do it in the good spaces and how I dreaded looking back on day when the days weren't filled with as much self confidence and worth. There are the baby steps of ending my day and looking back at all […]

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22 June 2012
Kilo2Kili sponsors #projectbody - project me post 858

I've said 'I'm gonna do this' so many times that it's ridiculous. I've actually said that enough times that if I were talking to anyone else but myself, no one would believe me. But I'm not talking to anyone else. I'm talking to me. The me that never gives up and knows I can set […]

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11 June 2012
I don't have to go it alone - project me post 856

One of the first lessons I learned (but certainly haven't mastered) along my journey of self discovery, was to not focus on the 'how' of life. I've read more self help book that imaginable and I've worked through every possible process of manifestation that is out there. On days of frustration and crisis I always […]

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