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29 February 2012
Welcome to our office - project me day 789

There's something about sitting with other business owners and having that conversation that goes, 'where are your office?' To shamelessly have the?commonality of having that desk allocated somewhere in the house but the majority of business being done, well, literally anywhere we choose was so refreshing for my soul today. In this day and ages […]

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10 August 2011
Hair Elements partners with Project Me - project me day 587

I never think of myself as 'Plain Jane' until I sit in the chair at Hair Elements. Actually it's hard for me to avoid the fact that I'm 'Plain Jane' when most of my friends and family are always harping on me to add a few highlights or get a style. I blame Alanis Morissette […]

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4 August 2011
Project Me welcomes La Vie en Rose as an official partner -project me day 576

Welcome to my home away from home! Before I even begin I want to praise the power of social networking. Years after having taught Hustler Girl, we reconnected on Facebook. If it were not for that and Hustler Girl being roped into social buying, the events might not have led up to this very special […]

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23 July 2011
First of many Jodene's Breakfasts - project me day 565

I keep having to pinch myself as a remind that I never planned anything like this but that living with purpose above goals can make anything possible. I'm right on track but for far from where I thought the goal post would be and I couldn't have been a happier or more fulfilled person than […]

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20 July 2011
My own little circle - project me day 562

While everyone is contemplating how they feel about Google+, I sit in my own little circle of lights at the Crowne Plaza Johannesburg and blog. I'm grabbing the gap between meetings as I wait for a 7:30pm chat about bloggers in SA and how we can all support each other. Now that's what I love […]

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11 July 2011
Romance a-La Vie En Rose - project me day 554

To say that life has been a whirlwind is a bit of an understatement and I'm not surprised that my relationship would follow in the footsteps of the rest of my life ... easy going yet totally chaotic. Because there was none of that meeting a stranger and taking the steps to a relationship, I […]

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