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1 June 2010
A few of my favourite things - project me day 150

After an emotional and strenuous time I finally decided to take a little responsibility off of myself and ease up on me. First things first was to get hold of the doc and admit that I need help in sorting out the imbalance in the sugar levels. It needs controlling and the erratic emotions and […]

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18 May 2010
This is my rite of passage - project me day 136

Even though I've got a dear friend who's helped me prep for this afternoon's tattoo and I'm more than a thousand percent sure that I want this beautiful piece of art that is symbolic and permanent ... I can't help but admit that yesterday was consumed with the distracting fears of the needle. Text Guy […]

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14 May 2010
Take a tour through - project me day 132

Yesterday finally signalled relaunch day for my website and big reveal day for my second blog. Behind the scenes I've been secretly working on branding my specially designed products and preparing the first blog posts. I'm the worst at having a surprise and not being able to share it. Christmas time is a nightmare for […]

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7 May 2010
What would the fool do? - project me day 126

Years ago I studied tarot. Not as the art of fortune telling, but as a tool to help with my teaching and guiding through their life journey. It was one of the greatest gifts I gave myself and I still use it in my everyday life. Most of the time it's when this crazy 'fool' […]

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30 April 2010
Meta tags for life - project me day 119

I'm so close to launching the my totally revamped website. The new blog is bubbling under with a few glitches that need to be ironed out. My baby company, Lifeology, is slowly becoming the hub of it all and I can almost taste the launch of our well kept secret for all the children of […]

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18 April 2010
Counting calories and age gaps - project me day 107

I'm blessed ... I stood in the 'able to laugh at myself' queue when choosing my character traits. If not, yesterday might not have been nearly as much fun.

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12 March 2010
I'm in love - Day 72

Most people's new year's resolutions are long forgotten and packed away with the Christmas decorations and mismatched gifts. I, on the other hand, very consciously made a resolution that I could neither shove into the distant memory or shy away from. I committed to blogging ... and that's only a smidgen of the tough part. […]

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