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17 June 2010
Not so serious answers to serious questions - day 167

By now you've figured that I distract myself (and you) from what's happening in life until I get my head around it sometimes and usually do that getting to know myself a little better. No greater way than asking random questions about who I am and what life is really all about. So, I found […]

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29 May 2010
When all else fails, blame Uranus - project me day 147

While innocently preparing for Greggie's birthday party, there has?definitely?been a cloud of gloom, confusion and?trepidation?that both of us have been feeling about our own personal lives. It's very seldom that both of us feel flat and apprehensive at the same time and even more unusual that we can't shake the feeling within a few days. […]

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7 May 2010
What would the fool do? - project me day 126

Years ago I studied tarot. Not as the art of fortune telling, but as a tool to help with my teaching and guiding through their life journey. It was one of the greatest gifts I gave myself and I still use it in my everyday life. Most of the time it's when this crazy 'fool' […]

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13 February 2010
This is my Valentine's Eve - Day 44

When I had my own place, I would never end my day without a chat with Fence Guy ... who's thousand of miles away. Sometimes it would be a good few hours and other times it was just enough to time to check how our day was and say good night. Between not having my […]

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