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10 May 2011
My #D500 wish you were here list - project me day 495

Yesterday was invites for day 500. There were the offline guests and the glitch where GMail spammed those invites, but we found out soon enough. Then there are the online invites for everyone around the world to join live on Twitter and to comment on my blog in the moment. This morning I thought it […]

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28 April 2011
So you noticed, I've been keeping secrets - project me day 483

When I first watched Julie and Julia, one of the scenes that struck me most was when Julie and her hubby had a fight and he warned her not to blog about it. "That's pretty impossible for a personal blogger," was my initial reaction. Then why am I finding myself not blogging in absolute and […]

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7 March 2011
{Sponsor: The Lunatic Cafe blog} Nikki Ramsey's project me story

I have a friend, I call my dragon.? And as you can imagine, it?s not a very good friend.? For most of my life I?ve lived with anxiety issues, OCD and depression.? It makes doing normal every day things difficult.?? Luckily I?m a reader and escape into a magical world every chance I can.? I […]

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21 February 2011
SA's Mr Motivator, Fred Felton, Interviews me

There are many reasons for social networking but one of my favourites is meeting people who inspire me to do more, try harder, dream bigger. It has become my joy to share those people with all of you and I have been waiting to introduce you to Fred. Here's his story and my answers to […]

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