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16 July 2011
On air: Radio 2000 FM interview - project me day 559

What gets me blogging every single day of me life? That's always an interesting question and I would have to listen back to the radio interview this morning to see if I actually used the words "auto pilot". If I did I don't think that's entirely true. While I sit here and type, my mother […]

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1 July 2011
A global Mashable message on Social Media Day - project me day 546

It truly was an honour to received this message especially sent to all event organisers for the second annual social media day celebrations around the world. It was even more thrilling to watch the conference room at the Crowne Plaza Johannesburg fill with familiar Twitter faces. But of all things, it was one of my […]

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28 June 2011
I have an A thanks to Biz4All - project me day 543

Gym at 6! It was the toughest session yet (and I know it's only the 5th one) but my body is in a little chaos from adjusting to the new eating and exercising. Okay, it might also be a little topsy turvy for other reasons too. The only distraction while my dearest Patrick was telling […]

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23 June 2011
We did it: Mashable's SMDayJozi - project me day 538

I like having a partner in crime and I'm so excited to introduce you to Derek Martin for an event that truly is defining me as the social influencers I have been working so hard at establishing myself as. I had a plan to work with Derek on the night I met him at the […]

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17 June 2011
A whole new world - project me day 533

It's amazing how I woke up feeling and what the true essence of 'project me' has done to my day. There is chaos all around me and a lot of it is stress that my poor mom is carrying with people who are completely out of integrity. You know one of those people who gives […]

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