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7 January 2017
Project Me Vlog Day 7 - Help me pick the eBook to write for you

On this rainy Saturday I promised myself some contemplating of writing and I'm deciding on which one to work on in my One Step Guide series. I have completed The One Step Guide to Financial Freedom, which will be available once my book, The Holistic Entrepreneur goes live on Amazon. So you have some work […]

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11 December 2014
What if we are meant to be a little broken a lot of the time? - Project Me post 1050

I've had long, sleepless nights. It's been going on for nearly 3 weeks and I'm sure it's not helping my state of despair at the moment. The last thing I want to do is lie awake a mull over all the things that are already taunting me during my waking hours, so I'm not a […]

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24 August 2013
Found on a lost Saturday afternoon - project me post 978

Huddled on the couch, with a warm glow of serenity, I can't help but be in awe of the lessons that life has thrown at me in just a few day. It's cold outside, but all I feel is contentment and a proud student of life. I wasn't supposed to be on the couch. I […]

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16 August 2013
To go where the wind takes you - project me post 976

This morning I got woken by nature. The gusting winds that were tearing through the trees and wind chimes all in a frenzy in the distance. I do a visualisation when I wake up and since I have started Yoga, I have noticed how they are more focused on going with the flow than me […]

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16 June 2011
A dose of get over yourself - project me day 532

It really is a choice and I woke up having to make one! I'll go into all the finer details of today's 'project body' weigh-in on Sunday, but today is about my attitude more than my activities. I don't have a tattoo on my back for nothing. It's not symbol of the goddess holding the […]

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17 January 2011
If you had Dorothy's shoes for a day - project me day 382

I'm not sure how alone I am in the world with the wanderings (it took me years to learn the difference between wandering and wondering, but the way) of my mind. Maybe if I weren't daydreaming so much in school I might have learned the grammatical difference long ago, but I would much rather have […]

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24 October 2010
From where I'm sitting - project me day 296

It's been interesting for me to watch the relationship I have developed with myself and my surroundings while my body has been going through the healing process. The strangest of all relationships has?definitely been with the good old fashioned seat. Sitting is no joke when an ouch back in involved and after Friday night's push […]

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19 October 2010
My world of normal - project me day 290

Today was the second session of body stress release therapy and I woke up with three burning concerns. Insomnia, midnight?starvation?and where is the leaking spinal fluid now? In my world those were my only concerns when I woke up. My most natural anticipation was making it through a day without a pain pill or being […]

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13 October 2010
The dance of life - project me day 284

Today I really didn't think I was going to manage this blog but I keep reminding myself that if I can't give myself this gift then I'm giving up. I don't give up and I find it hard to believe that with the fighting spirit of so many around me, that many of us do […]

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25 August 2010
My last temptation - project me day 236

Years ago I was basically a train-wreck of a person. After hitting rock bottom I found myself on this unexpected and beautiful journey of self?remembrance. I don't believe there is anything to discover, but everything to simply remember about how magnificent we are. ?Anyway ... on my road to remembering I started studying metaphysics and […]

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