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12 August 2010
The toughest advice a friend can ask for - project me day 223

I dreamed about my dad last night. It wasn't great ... he needed something and I was telling my mom that it was pointless helping him because he was going to die anyway. I woke up still smiling that I had spent some time with him, eventhough I don't remember talking to him. I don't […]

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12 July 2010
Soul cravings - project me day 191

Your eyes do not deceive you. I am blogging twice in one night and all in desperate need to keep to my self inflicted promise of blogging daily. I know that I could change that at any time, but the crazy things is that not one part of me wants to. I love blogging daily […]

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9 March 2010
Besides that ... I'm loving being single - Day 69

Firstly ... let's hear it for my Knight who made some awesome changes to the the blog ... lighter and brighter! My day started so well. It actually began so incredibly refreshingly that when I reflect back on the simple exercise of reawakening the editing of my novel last night, I can't believe how simple […]

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