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1 April 2015
What to do when a dream becomes reality - Project Me post 1070

"Be mindful of your words!" That's all I have uttering to myself since I noticed the number of times I heard myself say, "I can't believe it!" Honestly, for the longest time, I couldn't believe it, but then I started to notice the chaos that stood between me and one of my biggest dreams come […]

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22 April 2011
Saved by a note from The Universe - project me day 477

I don't have 'project me' moments like this often. The moments where I wish I didn't blog because I can't leave such personal moments out of my story but I just can't speak about them yet. It's funny how it falls over the time of easter where I remember playing games of bashing coloured hard […]

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16 March 2011
Hey, this moment is on my vision board - project me day 440

I'm half dressing, half blogging and finishing off the last bit of packing. It's a checklist free moment, which I thought I would never achieve in my life. It takes a lot of trust for a control freak to pack with the realisation that I'm not going to the middle of nowhere and if I've […]

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25 May 2010
Aliens, scabs, hits and old things - project me day 143

In a time where I'm trying to focus less on being so goalless about my website rankings and more on being purposeful about the reason why the rankings are important, I'm finding myself surrounded by ranking chaos. Just as I settle my heart about one thing, then another creeps up. This time in the form […]

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