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28 February 2013
Welcoming #projectme to the world of vlogging - Project Me post 937

The whole point of vlogging is not not write too much, which I won't ... but ... I do have to give a big shout out of thanks to @MikeWronski who kicked my butt into making me do something I have been threatening to do for ages!! So here it is, very simply a test […]

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23 February 2012
Mike Wronski of Fuseware tells his Project Me Story

Mike Wronski studied electrical and computer engineering at UCT, and worked as a software engineer for a year before starting Fuseware. Fuseware deals with social media monitoring and analysis, and was created combining Mike?s two main passions for technology and psychology. Mike developed an interest in software development at the age of 10 and was […]

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