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22 December 2010
To sing or cry in the rain? - project me day 356

You know that saying 'it doesn't rain but it pours?' Well it's officially true. I'm a big believer that nothing is real until you have experienced it or chosen to believe it. Some beliefs are chosen without a lesson having to be learned ... and then there is the other way. You know, the one […]

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20 October 2010
The things I'm craving - project me day 291

Now that I am on the road to recovery I find myself in the strangest space. Knowing I want to do certain things but not completely ready to jump straight back in. It has stirred up a whole pile of cravings though and no I feel as though I am creating a bucket list of […]

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30 July 2010
My first rejection letter - project me day 210

I got my first rejection letter from a publisher today! I'm trying to figure out if I should be a lot more disappointed or distressed? It feels like it should start off this way and it's the perfect way to test whether I really do see everything in life as fun and exactly as it […]

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