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26 July 2011
Revenge is best served cold - project me day 567

Don't panic! I don't have it in me to be some crazed revengeful chick despite how dramatic the title of this might be. I'm so off Facebook and literally go on to check who has a birthday and chat to my one dear blogging friend, Nikki. Despite that an odd status might appear from me. […]

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24 February 2011
The things you learn from a sugar rush - project me day 420

I'm thinking it's going to be one of those days. Waking up to the wild antics of a kitten that looks like she should have been named after a princess is my own fault ... I never should have named her after a?mischievous? dragon. It would have been cute were I not coming down from […]

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31 December 2010
Here's to the YOU in project me - project me day 365

I did it! I actually did it! I can't get past staring at the 365 part in the title. I'm awash with emotion and gushing with pride, yet somehow I can't help but think of everyone but me right now. I have been dreaming about doing the 365th blog and always imagined doing a recap […]

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22 December 2010
Call me old fashioned - project me day 355

So 'project me' is about making it all positive right? It's about taking anything that happens and being conscious about it and finding the value in it? It's about putting me first and making sure that my needs and happiness are my own priority? Interesting, because tonight I'm kinda going 'um' about myself and I […]

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22 October 2010
Running out of bandwidth - project me day 293

There is always the one thing that pushes for the final?decision?and the big announcement even though everyone around seems to know what the outcome is going to be. I have been mortified at the responses of my friends when I tell them that I am continuing to blog 'project me' on a daily basis for […]

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4 October 2010
Cutting the cord - project me day 275

I'm doing my best at keeping the blogging up, but it seems that 'project me' is throwing me things on a daily basis that prove just how consciously I am living. Today was one of those days for so many reasons that I literally feel as though I cut the cold from the old me […]

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1 October 2010
Sexpo is on the go - project me day 271

Everything has managed to stall this blog today. Firstly I was exhausted from my first night at Sexpo and then there has been internet trouble the whole day so let?s hope that this post happens at some point today. I really have to rest as much as possible today because I can?t lie that my […]

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19 August 2010
This is libra out of balance - project me day 230

Hold onto your hats because this libran is swinging out of control on those scales that it's causing ripples all around the world. This post is will be in true libra style ... so much to say, not enough time to say it and half of it won't make sense. That's you just having to […]

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18 August 2010
Good rush and the other kind - project me day 228

There will be two blogs today considering I didn't have time to do one yesterday and only just managed to remember to breathe. Don't panic, I didn't forget to eat though! Why wasn't I born like the others who lose their appetite when things get scary, exciting and slightly emotional? It's officially exciting and overwhelming. […]

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11 August 2010
What people google - project me day 222

After a day that began with some meanie Facebook friend flagging me as being annoying, having a dauntingly exciting meeting that might thrust my career into maximum overdrive sooner than expected and having my fun night with Mr Big being cancelled, this girl needs a touch of fun. The mood is perfectly set for it. […]

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