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15 June 2011
My life 365 days ago is a cut and paste - project me day 531

It must be amazing to be in your late 30's and to find our old diaries that you wrote when you were a teenage. I'm sure the laughs would be many and a part of me wishes that I still had those diaries to reflect back on. It's totally different when you flip back to […]

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31 December 2010
Here's to the YOU in project me - project me day 365

I did it! I actually did it! I can't get past staring at the 365 part in the title. I'm awash with emotion and gushing with pride, yet somehow I can't help but think of everyone but me right now. I have been dreaming about doing the 365th blog and always imagined doing a recap […]

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5 October 2010
The power of talk - project me day 276

It's amazing that with my inability to type I have been forced to talk on the phone so much more. I didn't realise how much I have lost touch with that personal communication and it's been so special to throw myself back into 'project me' with my very own voice.

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29 July 2010
A typical female - project me day 209

I'm sitting in bed blogging with an hour to spare before this day is done and all I'm concerned about is that when my hair falls over my shoulder there is about 5?centimeters?missing. I don't have time to be obsessed and distracted, yet I am. I know it's hard for men to understand, but women's […]

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16 July 2010
I stayed in bed all day - project me day 196

(This one's got adult content guys, you have been warned!) It's hard to imagine that you can have an extremely eventful day without even getting out of bed. I took the day off from going into the office for a number of reasons. The last of them was actually the greatest of all because I […]

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8 July 2010
My life is a hallmark movie - project me day 187

I woke up with the feeling of blades slicing through my throat and an elephant sitting on my head. That's never stopped me from getting up and heading off to work to be my usual 5 to 15 minutes late. The only person who knew I shouldn't have gone into work was me! Clearly 'project […]

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30 June 2010
The hangover - project me day 179

Never combine a broken heart with the finale of FlashFoward and the?penultimate Grays Anatomy. It's going to lead to uncontrollable crying and drinking sherry from a wine glass.

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29 June 2010
The power of what people think - project me day 178

Today I told two of my friends about Mr Wow. ?I told my mother when she returned from her overseas trip about how Mr Wow and I had made sure that external obstacles weren't an issue and that he had said I could call him my boyfriend. I spoke to Mr Big and told him […]

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27 June 2010
Wow - project me day 176

For the first time in my life I'm completely speechless ...

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