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1 October 2012
What should have been - project me post 881

I don't think we can every quite get the lesson enough that life happens and that things never go exactly according to plan. Of all the bits of life that I still struggle with is when I set out to do something and it doesn't happen as I planned it in my head. Of course, […]

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25 September 2012
Gratefully blind as a bat - project me post 880

When I was growing up, wearing glasses was a fate that truly made me feel like all the world was out to get me, laugh at me and mock me. I dreamed of the day I could wear contact lenses and no one would be the wiser. It took me a while to finally be […]

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24 September 2012
My road to 40 - project me post 879

It's my birthday! I thought that I got older I would get a little less excited, but it seems that this year the complete opposite has?happened. I think it's because of all that I can see myself begin to achieve that I am so looking forward to my big 40. Yes, yes, I know I […]

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23 September 2012
When I wake up I'll be the birthday girl - project me post 878

I can't believe how excited I am. Well, I'm always excited, but this time it's for a totally different reason. I can't believe how excited I am to be heading out of the 30's and I have a whole year to celebrate and build up to it. I never thought 39 would be filled with […]

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