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21 October 2011
What a bunch of Twits - project me day 654

I know Twitter. I strategise, plan and support people with their branding and the voice they want to get out into the world. I've got impressive numbers and all that jazz, but nothing will ever be more valuable to me about Twitter than a bunch of crazy girls. I have plans. It has a lot […]

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11 April 2011
Now I can breathe - project me day 466

Most of my fret about boxes has been my concern that dragons and fairies couldn't breathe with the amount of bubble wrap they were smothered in. The other concern is that I couldn't breathe until I knew the made a safe trip to the other side (no, not other world, just to the new house) […]

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3 April 2011
Where will all the books go? - project me day 458

The boxes are slowly getting less by the day, but one big stack still remains. All my books! I'm sure I've mentioned before that I have a passion for old books. Not just any books. The classics in hard cover only. My oldest is an 1892 picture book for boys about wildlife and I am […]

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1 April 2011
A mountain of boxes and a bottle of wine - Project me day 456

Okay, so I need to explain myself and my one liner post at the 11th hour last night. Now wait, is there ever any need to explain the mentality of a person moving house? Emotionally it went so much better than both my mom and myself anticipated. Were I not so hungover at the moment […]

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29 March 2011
My last sleep - project me day 453

It's finally here! Today my little sis and her hubby, and my brother all move to their own little houses. Mom and I have one more sleep and tomorrow is the big move day. I don't think I have to describe what moving is like, but we have the added emotions of having to leave […]

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27 March 2011
Where friends and business collide - project me day 451

I imagined myself finishing my breakfast meeting by midday and having blogged less than an hour after, with the rest of the day being consumed by packing. 10am is a fair time to get together with friends and 12am is a fair time to part ways. Then why am I only managing to blog at […]

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10 March 2011
Sorry dad it had to be done - project me day 434

I think we all have a side of our personalities that our family doesn't get to see and then all of a sudden you emerge with some part of yourself that is surprising to them. I'm not surprised at myself at all. It's something I've always known and I think I remember trying very hard […]

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6 March 2011
Censorship lifted - project me day 430

Everyone is laughing at me because I take far too many pictures of Saphirah. I'm officially?censoring the quantity of pricelessly cute moments I capture with my adorable little kitty. There's also the devilish side that keeps waking me in the crazy hours of the morning with either a claw in my head, my butt or […]

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2 March 2011
A side of me you don't know - project me day 426

There's a picture of me as a little girl, pulling a face just like this. I remember the day clearly. My father was teasing me and then wanted to take pictures before we went to school. Too late, he had laughed at me ... I was sulking until the cows came home. Don't laugh at […]

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1 March 2011
Yes! Yes! and Yes! - project me day 425

For the past few days I have had a big red warning flash across the bottom of my blog as I am typing it. It says "You do not have permission to do that." What? Type my blog? In the frustrating days this pisses me off but on a day like today I'm giggling. "Yeah, […]

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