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22 March 2024
Tough Start to 2024? -  Understanding Your Numerology to Ease the Uncertainty

We are almost a third of the way into the year, and I haven’t been drawn to help explain the energy of the numbers this intensely since we were struck by Covid. In some ways, that uncertainty seems timid compared to the people reaching out to me and asking, “What the hell is going on?” […]

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26 January 2023
Why 2023 is Not the Year to Trust Predictions

Let me tell you the problem with predictions, especially in 2023. If you play too much into predictions then you take away the fundamental gift you were given as your birthright - the power to choose.

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31 January 2022
February 2022 Energy Update: Numerology and Astrology

The numerology is made up of the 2 for February and the 8 monthly energy when we add the month and the year together. It is important to note that we are repeating the December 2021 energy, so the year might not feel as though it is flowing the way you expected it to as yet.

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1 January 2022
All I Have Become in the Twelve Years of #ProjectMe

Twelve years ago today I started to blog about my life. #ProjectMe began years before sharing my story online, but the accountability to myself changed dramatically when I opened myself up to share the story of what it meant to live what I believed to be the formula to a joyful, happy and fulfilled life. […]

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29 December 2016
The Unexpected Lessons of 2016

It's 4:30am on the morning of the last new moon of 2016. In astrology, not enough is spoken about as a heads up to what is called the phase of the dark moon. It's the few days before new moon, when it slips into the final stages of darkness. I'm far from an astrology blogger, […]

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13 December 2016
How to make the most of the last full moon of 2016 - Blog
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30 December 2010
What's in a new year? - project me day 364

I can't believe that this all began a year ago. More than that, I can't believe how much I have changed and grown in one year and I can't believe that it has all been documented and my story is out there. Only once have I ever gone back and ready any of the past […]

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