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3 June 2011
Car trouble and kept secrets - project me day 519

This is one of those typical days that people ask me about. The days where I have 30 minutes at home to blog and get ready to go out. Why is it 6pm and I haven't blogged the whole day? Well ... most of it is secret! Good secrets though ... but things that I'm […]

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21 May 2011
The story of who I am - project me day 506

All of these lines across my face Tell you the story of who I am So many stories of where I've been And how I got to where I am But these stories don't mean anything When you've got no one to tell them to It's true...I was made for you I climbed across the […]

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10 April 2011
We are all just finding our feet - project me day 465

I can't believe where the day has gone. I sat down to blog this morning and before I knew it the whirlwind of ?activity began. I can't believe how much there is to still unpack but I have to be patient here. It's not our house and to wait on other people toorganise builders, handymen, […]

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9 April 2011
Who really reads the instruction manual - project me day 464

I never know whether it's appropriate to start my blog by mentioning my hangover or whether that should go further down the line once I've mentioned my fabulous evening and why I drank so much. Well I didn't actually drink a lot as much the mixture of what I mixed. Firstly, I would like to […]

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8 April 2011
Organic O rocks from Hotel Lamunu to Boston T - project me day 463

Well, where does such a happy girl begin to tell my story of a night that I don't think I even dreamed of. Less than a handful of times I have flipped back to a blog entry in the past and been pleasantly surprised at how far I have come, but in the months or […]

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7 April 2011
Between boxes and blogs - project me day 462

Oh boy, I know what happens when I wake up feeling like this. I want to get everything done in a day and then I spend the entire morning doing pointless things or staring at the laptop screen and jumping erratically between far too many open windows. It's a busy day no matter what, but […]

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6 April 2011
Faking it is officially over - project me day 461

It's late afternoon and I'm sitting here sipping on a cold up of tea while taking my very first breath since 8am this morning. It feels as though I've gone from being the pilot of a two seater little micro-light to taking over the?cockpit of the Concord. I'm sure when I have a huge corporation […]

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5 April 2011
A little girl day - project me day 460

I have sore eyes, a sore finger, a sore throat AND I'm sneezing like 20 times in a row. I feel 5 again. I'm also giggling at life and feel like I'm playing all day. Undeniably, my days have been filled with big girl stuff, but the little girl in me keeps taking over. Some […]

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2 April 2011
Organic O, batteries included - project me day 457

Amidst all the boxes and drama that goes along with a move, there is also the constant push to make the business the success that I know it is going to be. And so the day was spent laced with a lot of personal distress that I slowly had to work through before a big […]

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