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2 April 2011
Organic O, batteries included - project me day 457

Amidst all the boxes and drama that goes along with a move, there is also the constant push to make the business the success that I know it is going to be. And so the day was spent laced with a lot of personal distress that I slowly had to work through before a big […]

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17 March 2011
Cape Town girls rock - project me daily blog day 441

Of course the story starts with me being stranded at the airport awaiting an update on the flight back to Jozi being delayed by an hour already. The flight from Jozi was a little torturous yesterday with horrid clouds (as pretty as they were) and huge air pockets. I swear it felt as though we […]

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16 March 2011
Hey, this moment is on my vision board - project me day 440

I'm half dressing, half blogging and finishing off the last bit of packing. It's a checklist free moment, which I thought I would never achieve in my life. It takes a lot of trust for a control freak to pack with the realisation that I'm not going to the middle of nowhere and if I've […]

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6 March 2011
Censorship lifted - project me day 430

Everyone is laughing at me because I take far too many pictures of Saphirah. I'm officially?censoring the quantity of pricelessly cute moments I capture with my adorable little kitty. There's also the devilish side that keeps waking me in the crazy hours of the morning with either a claw in my head, my butt or […]

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4 March 2011
Organic Orgasm hits Cape Town - project me day 428

This one's for the girls!! As far as project me goes, this is a very exciting moment for me. Traveling to another town to do what I love best is just a taste of all that I dream of. Very simply ... woo-freakin'-hoo! For more information of Lipsinc and Organic Orgasm To book for Edward […]

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1 March 2011
Yes! Yes! and Yes! - project me day 425

For the past few days I have had a big red warning flash across the bottom of my blog as I am typing it. It says "You do not have permission to do that." What? Type my blog? In the frustrating days this pisses me off but on a day like today I'm giggling. "Yeah, […]

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19 February 2011
The beauty of a woman ... - project me day 415

In creating my own reality, I choose what to believe and it always becomes my truth. I spend my life saying 'I am that powerful', 'you are the powerful', and 'we are that powerful'. One of my realities is that everything has its duality. Light has dark, love has hate, happiness has sadness. I had […]

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5 February 2011
Jodene is on the coffee table - project me day 401

Yes, it's one of those odd expressions that need a little explaining and then it seems to catch on and move through the crowds. Greggie picked it up from somewhere and then passed it onto me and now it's become the emergency cry for help. Jumping off the coffee table is a serious cry for […]

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15 January 2011
Eat fest - project me day 380

Now that I've found a system that works for me and I don't have to measure my food or cut out anything, I finally feel as though food is my friend. I'm also beginning to watch the patterns of what I do when I want to eat and how I handle it. Let's say that […]

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13 January 2011
Never allow friends free reign to tag you - project me day 378

I love them ... from the depths of my very soul I do. I couldn't ask for better friends, but their judgement of photographs for the world to see are much to be desired. I mean really ... it's one thing to mindlessly add the pics to Facebook but there's no excuse when the time […]

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