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17 February 2015
Get off the scale and onto the dance floor - Project Me post 1063

You are looking great, they say. How much have you lost, is always the question that follows. I have no clue, but those jeans that were lying in my cupboard for over a year ... I give my butt a little tap as I do a half turn and boast that I didn't have to […]

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16 March 2014
The normal of a Unique Lifestyle - project me post 1002

I don't think a post of mine has ever had a disclaimer, but there's a first time for everything. So here goes ... This post is written with love and pride for everyone who has found their lifestyle formula. No matter what anyone ?says (especially me) if you are happy, having fun, feeling fulfilled and […]

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26 November 2010
SlimLab sponsors project me - project me day 326

Injuring my back to the extend I did and watching myself surrender to things like medication, bed rest and still not having driven my car since the middle of August, I've really been faced with two choices: Fall to pieces or fight on. I think we've gathered by now that I'm the fight on kinda […]

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4 September 2010
What makes a great day? - project me day 246

It's either the ice pack and the anti inflammatories or it's great company but I have actually been able so sit for long enough to feel human enough to write. It's a moment of feeling good and I know I have a long way to go, but I can see the end of the rainbow […]

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