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21 June 2015
By the light of the Winter Solstice

As the sun fades and the usual ritual would be turn on the lights, I strike a match, one by one, until my home is lit with candles. It's the simplest reminder of the Winter Solstice & it's celebration of coming out of the darkening days and walking, slowly towards the light of spring. Yule […]

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22 June 2011
The shining light of Yule - project me day 537

Yule is definitely one of my favourite Pagan festivals and one that seemed to arrive sooner than expected. With everything else going on, I didn't realise that it was upon me so soon and literally organise everything in a day. Luckily Paganism is all about heading out into the park and grabbing whatever nature has […]

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18 June 2011
Nature and my beast - project me day 534

All the?preparations?where going swimmingly with 'project body' until it was time to put the numbers out there for the world to see. I'm getting support in so many areas of life because I've realised that I just don't trust myself to do the journey on my own. I'm so lucky to have the support I […]

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30 April 2011
For those in the know, it's New Years - project me day 485

I don't know where the morning has gone and there is so much to prepare for tonight's festivities with my very special and open minded friends. A part of 'project me' is proving to myself and the world that goals might not be as important as purpose and so there were no resolutions set at […]

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9 February 2011
Little Dragonfae and Big Storms - project me day 405

What happens when it's that sink or swim moment? What do you do with it? I usually buckle down and force on more work, but it seems Miss Universe helped with a little intervention and turned my unconscious pattern of survival into an adventurous day that just might have had more impact than even I […]

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4 February 2011
Yet another milestone - project me day 400

I am a big believer in celebrating the little milestones along the way, because if not the journey seems so long. Maybe it's just me ego that has dreamed so big and needs the acknowledgement of the little steps to remind me that I am not stark raving mad. Well, I am stark raving mad […]

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2 February 2011
It's what friends do - project me day 398

Your eyes have not deceived you. I am blogging at a crazy hour. It's barely 6am here in the Southern Hemisphere but I have such an exciting day ahead of me that I'm not surprised I couldn't wait to jump out of bed and get started. It's just a pity that the shops I need […]

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23 January 2011
Bra, house and orange candles - project me day 388

I've seen strangers shopping lists, I'm certain of it. I knew that I took the festive season to chill for some very important reason. Didn't I keep saying I knew some very big things were heading my way? I'm sure I announced more than once that I had the feeling I would hit the ground […]

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18 January 2011
The diary of a self esteem - project me day 383

Dear diary It's very seldom that I don't feel like blogging for the world to see and allowing everyone into my head and my heart. There is a fortune going on between the notification that we have to be out of the house by July and little sis's wedding in about 25 days time. The […]

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1 December 2010
Christmas countdown country style - project me day 231

Today was filled with Facebook and Twitter statuses that welcomed December and started to count down to Christmas. I'm still on a goalless mission and mainly counting down to the time that I wake up totally pain fee and able to drive for hours, pour with sweat at gym .. and a few other fun […]

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