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10 January 2011
Someone dared to ask - project me day 375

As a blogger one of the most inspirational end exciting moments is the interaction that I get with my my readers and followers. Every comment makes me smile and when the discussion continues into relationships and eventually into friendships, it is the cherry on the cake. Even greater than that is when I have a […]

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21 October 2010
An intro to Organic Orgasm - Project me day 292

It's officially out there and splashed across YouTube. I am totally proud of what I do but I can't fake the fears and issues I have about the first content of Organic Orgasm going live.

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8 October 2010
Madness of the mind - project me day 279

Greggie says he has such a good laugh because I say I'm going to do a quick blog and it's this long story even if I'm blogging from my Blackberry or if my back is killing me. It's not my fault, I'm going nuts not being able to write. I've been getting a few spurts […]

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8 August 2010
All the new things - project me day 219

Friday night I went out and watched an unbelievable production of ?noises off? which starred my special friend DarkDippy. We have an fun friendship story to tell because we met through Twitter. He always had silly chirps for my extremely well thought out tweets and the friendship grew from there. I?m also going to the […]

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2 August 2010
Garfield and I hate Mondays - project me day 213

Garfield is my favourite character and of all the moments I remember about his lazy ass character,? I remember the day he tried to get away from Monday so he posted himself off to another country. What do you know, thanks to the time difference and his pathetic attempt at running away from his Monday […]

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2 July 2010
Passion - Project me day 181

After barely making it through the Netherlands against Brasil game, I'm back to catching my breath while watching Ghana play?Uruguay. So far my teams are through and tomorrow I have the stress of watching Germany (who I have always supported till the bitter end). Yep ... it's still soccer fever in South Africa! It's greater […]

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