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4 December 2012
A moment to pause and reflect - project me post 901

I have a bit of time before I have to head upstairs and get dressed for the final #FollowSA event for the year and I'm feeling all proud so I wanted to share instead of letting it ramble around alone in my head. Tonight is our first collaboration event between Peace Starts and FollowSA where […]

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15 April 2012
So proud of Pat Sloane Photography - project me day 833


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29 January 2012
Another step closer for the children's book - project me day 758

  I haven't spoken about the children's book, Majestica remembers her magical powers, so quite some time and all of a sudden it has come to life again. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a horse, at the Johannesburg Zoo, who looks exactly like the horse I've pictured in my mind for so […]

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28 January 2012
Now this is happy - project me day 757

A day at the zoo and who do we find at the animal farm but the most content potbelly pig you'll ever find! Photo by Pat Sloane Photography for project me weekend photoblog        

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11 September 2011
The story continues in Curvy SA magazine - project body week 13

I can't believe it's 13 weeks. I must be honest, I'm so grateful that I'm purposeful and not completely goal orientated because 13 weeks is a long time and I don't have a fortune of weight loss to show for it. I do have a much better relationship with my body and that's worth more […]

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10 July 2011
The body doesn't work to goals - project body week 4

I say this for a reason: Totally goalless, yet absolutely purposeful. No week has been a greater example of what I have chosen to live by. Even if I wanted to defy the doctor and get back to gym, I couldn't have. For the second times since the start of 'project me' my body has […]

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17 June 2011
A whole new world - project me day 533

It's amazing how I woke up feeling and what the true essence of 'project me' has done to my day. There is chaos all around me and a lot of it is stress that my poor mom is carrying with people who are completely out of integrity. You know one of those people who gives […]

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