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15 August 2011
Fark, it's freeezing - project me day 591

My personality and hands are too frozen to even attempt a rational blog. Yes, it's that freezing! I think it's the unexpectedness of the rain that has sent my fingertips into shock. We usually have this long build up to the rain and beg for it a little so that by the time it arrives […]

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5 June 2011
Hello Cape Town - Project me day 521

I'm officially here, where the air is clearer, the seagulls fill the air and the memories are a little tougher to adjust to. Hello Cape Town! Firstly, lets get the cons out the way ... Although the sponsorship for the new laptop has been confirmed, it has been delivered yet and there was no way […]

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1 June 2011
Win some, lose some - project me day 517

I can't believe the day is nearly done and this is the first moment I've had to sit down and blog. Reflecting on the hours I have a picture of a day that truly bounced between moments of perfection and disillusion. I know life is supposed to be like that, but some days the pendulum […]

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13 May 2010
The perfect ingredient for success - project me day 132

The relaunch of my website and new design of logo that is perfectly aligned with the company (Lifeology) image is so close that I can almost taste it. I've been very hush, hush about the new blog that I'm launching at the same time and have been very calculating and sneaky in doing so ... […]

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26 April 2010
Keep this, toss that - project me day 115

I?m used to waking up in the morning to messages flashing on my cellphone. Since December last year, Text Guy and I hv been sending each other ?mmmwa?s? daily ? randomly and frequently! It?s part of my day now and I my fingers naturally prepare themselves to send the reply ?mmmwa? back.

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