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5 November 2010
Only one thing a day - project me day 307

I have been trying to blog since returning home from dinner last night but the reality is that I can only do one thing a day in order to be able to sit down and blog as comfortably as possible. I am trying to not take painkillers so that comes with the price of seriously […]

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3 November 2010
My right to fake it - project me day 305

I sat down to blog at about 11pm last night and had one of the most important moments with myself. Sliding my chair back, I knew that I had done enough for one day and that this could wait. I'm at the most crucial time of my healing because I am off all the strong […]

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4 September 2010
What makes a great day? - project me day 246

It's either the ice pack and the anti inflammatories or it's great company but I have actually been able so sit for long enough to feel human enough to write. It's a moment of feeling good and I know I have a long way to go, but I can see the end of the rainbow […]

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