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11 January 2011
Love this, hate that - project me day 376

I did a search on my blog to see if I had use this title before but I've used the word LOVE so many times that it was a pointless exercise ... LOVE THIS! Going back to Dan for some?aggressive body stress release treatments because my back is getting too sore to work again ... […]

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7 January 2011
An all-round giggle and smile day - project me day 372

Oooh, I can feel the workaholic kicking in. You would think that after a year of 'project me' and workaholic syndrome being the focal point for most of the year, that I would be able to tick it off the 'unhealed' list. Damn, it's a bitch that traits, addictions or issues don't just get erased […]

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2 January 2011
Hot dog Sunday - project me day 367

I have confessed it once before and I'll state it again: hot dog Sunday was stolen from The Jock when he told me about his hot dog Friday that he shares with a few mates. Isn't that just a brilliant idea? One good enough to steal I would say. Hot dog Friday kidnapped and dressed […]

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30 December 2010
What's in a new year? - project me day 364

I can't believe that this all began a year ago. More than that, I can't believe how much I have changed and grown in one year and I can't believe that it has all been documented and my story is out there. Only once have I ever gone back and ready any of the past […]

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23 December 2010
Let's turn project me into project we - project me day 357

Sometimes I sit back and wonder what other people are doing at that moment. I even find myself wondering where the man that I am going to share my life with is at that very moment. I wonder if he will remember what he is doing at a specific moment and if I had to […]

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