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20 September 2012
Dear Novel meet the grammar police - project me post 876

It's been a quite week on the business front. Well, that's to say that we haven't had a whole lot of running around and going out to do, but the to do list is still mighty full. Because I believe that everything is exactly as it should be, I'm not surprised that it's full of […]

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16 August 2011
Achy breaky back - project me day 592

I gather that right now I'm sounding a little grouchy? Well, as long as I don't sound ungrateful, then I'm still on 'project me' track. I've missed two weeks of Body Mind Healing with Juliette and by the time I got there today I was sufficiently sore enough to feel a surge of panic. I […]

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30 July 2010
My first rejection letter - project me day 210

I got my first rejection letter from a publisher today! I'm trying to figure out if I should be a lot more disappointed or distressed? It feels like it should start off this way and it's the perfect way to test whether I really do see everything in life as fun and exactly as it […]

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