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14 March 2012
Emmanuel Castis tells his project me story on Radio 2000

Now time really seems to be flying by and I can't believe how quickly it goes from one project me radio interview to the next. If I thought that moved fast then I really was shocked at how long ago I interviewed Emmanuel and how far we have both come along our project me stories. […]

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8 March 2012
Radio 2000 project me interview: Listen to Kona Brown tell her story

This?Sunday?at 8:20am, Kona Brown will be telling her project me story on the blog's weekly radio slot. Angela Ludek from Radio 2000 will interview Kona about her achievements and the ask her what makes her project me story unique. I interviewed Kona in October of last year and this is what she had to say: […]

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18 January 2012
Project me goes FM - project me day 747

I can't remember when last I felt totally exhausted from excitement but at least I know that I'm not having a heart attack or going to pass out, even though that's the message my heart keeps sending my very noisy mind after today's events. Actually, it's not just today's events but a build up that […]

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10 August 2011
Hair Elements partners with Project Me - project me day 587

I never think of myself as 'Plain Jane' until I sit in the chair at Hair Elements. Actually it's hard for me to avoid the fact that I'm 'Plain Jane' when most of my friends and family are always harping on me to add a few highlights or get a style. I blame Alanis Morissette […]

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16 July 2011
On air: Radio 2000 FM interview - project me day 559

What gets me blogging every single day of me life? That's always an interesting question and I would have to listen back to the radio interview this morning to see if I actually used the words "auto pilot". If I did I don't think that's entirely true. While I sit here and type, my mother […]

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14 July 2011
Lipstick, lollipops and long awaited dreams - project me day 557

It's very seldom that the dream looks anything like the reality. Sometimes imagination totally underplays it and other times imagination totally overplays it. Either way, I'm living each passing day with more dreams becoming a reality. Yes, I can say that I'm pretty much on track with what I expected from all my dreaming, hard […]

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