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13 March 2015
The chicken and egg of self love - Project Me post 1067

We walk blindly along the path of self help guidance most of the time. Well, that's my belief anyway. It's only when I started questioning the guidance of the "gurus" that I started to see that there's no blanket formula for everyone. The challenge of sharing my #ProjectMe personal lessons is passing on what I've […]

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16 September 2014
I won't let go - project me post 1034

The days are ticking by and single is becoming slightly more depressing. I know this happens around birthday time, which is 8 sleeps away. As it's crept closer I keep thinking about all the messages from people in their 40's, saying it was the most fab time and get ready for the naughty forties. Honestly, […]

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2 October 2012
Song for Greggie - project me post 882

Far too many people don't understand my absolute love for country music or ever take the journey I dare them to take and find a song that tells a story of any moment in life. Greggie is beyond my best friend and of all the things we could never relate to with each other, it's […]

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15 July 2011
Dream crazy and live it - project me day 558

I must confess, I've been snappy, grouchy and not much fun at all. My first reaction would be to beat myself up about this and I have heard myself say that I don't have much personality, but I know that's not true. I think I'm truly beginning to experience that fear that comes along with […]

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8 November 2010
Unstoppable - project me day 310

I have been anticipating the day I would share this song with you and let you into my world and today is the perfect moment. Well, I was actually waiting for the perfect moment and as the day draws to a close I have finally made my choice so I think it's only fair to […]

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