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9 July 2015
Reach For A Dream #SlipperDay?

I have the cutest pair of Tigger slipper ... wait, I'll show you. I proudly wear them through winter, around the house. They haven't been out for public viewing, but #SlipperDay is a month away, on the 7th of August and I'm thinking ... Granted, I don't have offices of my own yet, so I […]

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27 July 2011
{In support of: Reach For A Dream} Sasha Martinengo tells his Project Me Story

5FM?s Sasha Martinengo is the station?s longest-standing DJs with a fan following that spans many different age and ethnic groups. Right now, Sasha is living his greatest dream in the industry that he has devoted his life to: ?5FM is unique. There is no other radio station in South Africa like it. It allows its […]

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19 May 2011
{In support of: Reach For A Dream} Gilan Gork's project me story

Most people have only heard about things like bending metal with the mind, and have never had first hand experience of mind reading and the power of thought control. Gilan Gork demonstrates these abilities in an entertaining and mind blowing way, as he bends metal with his mind, reads thoughts and even predicts events before […]

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