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7 February 2012
The adoption is finally through - project me day 767

It's been a long wait for adoption day. Mom first sent Pat and I a pic or Roran when we were still on our December holiday. The days have dragged, waiting for him to get to a healthy size and weight and have his little snip but he sure was worth the wait. Roran is […]

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10 April 2011
We are all just finding our feet - project me day 465

I can't believe where the day has gone. I sat down to blog this morning and before I knew it the whirlwind of ?activity began. I can't believe how much there is to still unpack but I have to be patient here. It's not our house and to wait on other people toorganise builders, handymen, […]

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9 April 2011
Who really reads the instruction manual - project me day 464

I never know whether it's appropriate to start my blog by mentioning my hangover or whether that should go further down the line once I've mentioned my fabulous evening and why I drank so much. Well I didn't actually drink a lot as much the mixture of what I mixed. Firstly, I would like to […]

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8 April 2011
Organic O rocks from Hotel Lamunu to Boston T - project me day 463

Well, where does such a happy girl begin to tell my story of a night that I don't think I even dreamed of. Less than a handful of times I have flipped back to a blog entry in the past and been pleasantly surprised at how far I have come, but in the months or […]

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7 April 2011
Between boxes and blogs - project me day 462

Oh boy, I know what happens when I wake up feeling like this. I want to get everything done in a day and then I spend the entire morning doing pointless things or staring at the laptop screen and jumping erratically between far too many open windows. It's a busy day no matter what, but […]

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14 March 2011
The obvious: It's easier said than done - project me day 438

I can hardly even concentrate, but I'm dragging myself through this blog. I made a choice to tell my life story, so here it is. While I am sitting with all my dramas about feeling fat, hating gym and worries about having to explain my every choice to people around me, I'm waiting to get […]

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6 March 2011
Censorship lifted - project me day 430

Everyone is laughing at me because I take far too many pictures of Saphirah. I'm officially?censoring the quantity of pricelessly cute moments I capture with my adorable little kitty. There's also the devilish side that keeps waking me in the crazy hours of the morning with either a claw in my head, my butt or […]

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8 January 2011
Cool cat weekend - project me day 373

I definitely need to find me one of them 'how to chill-out for dummy's' books. Once again, no amount of practicing or faking it (the chilling out that is) ever gets me totally prepared for a sudden burst of workaholic mania. Unfortunately (or is it fortunately?) my back has been really tired the last few […]

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