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26 May 2015
Don't over fake it if you really want to make it - Project Me post 1077

When I'm at my nastiest to myself, I try convince myself that I have no right to share my story my story with the world, in the hope of Project Me becoming a realistic and workable "map" to surviving all the self help that's flooding the world. I look at the others who are happier […]

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18 January 2015
How to visualize goals when you don't know what you want - Project Me post 1058

It's that time again. The start of a new one, where the majority of us are refreshed and ready to take on new challenges. I took the whole of December to prepare myself for this year and a lot of that was refocusing on what? I have wanted for a very long time. I spend […]

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11 December 2014
What if we are meant to be a little broken a lot of the time? - Project Me post 1050

I've had long, sleepless nights. It's been going on for nearly 3 weeks and I'm sure it's not helping my state of despair at the moment. The last thing I want to do is lie awake a mull over all the things that are already taunting me during my waking hours, so I'm not a […]

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27 August 2011
10 self help books vs one profound sentence - project me day 603

It's been a busy week. It's going to be a busy week again. Then it's going to be one week until my best friend and business partner leaves for the USA. Then it's going to be four weeks of doing something different every day just because he's not here. All that busyness made me think […]

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6 August 2011
What a 12 year old taught me that a guru couldn't - project me day 578

To say I've had a roller coaster ride of emotion on a personal and career front over the last week is truly an understatement. It's been the highs of yet another fantastic radio into to the lows of receiving the email that said my services weren't needed again. The burst of confidence that got me […]

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23 March 2011
Still on the yellow brick road - project me day 447

If I could pick an easier route at times, I think I would jump at the opportunity. That moment always ends up being fleeting when I realise how much I would have missed out on had I changed one moment of my life. It's been 15 months of blogging but it's been 7 years since […]

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26 August 2010
Thick skin and other accessories - project me day 237

I have this little obsession. Alright, I admit to having a few of them but that's for another blog. Today it's about the obsession with my stats and social networking followings. Some might think it's unhealthy but I think that it drives me to achieve more, write more and connect more. On the other hand, […]

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16 August 2010
My NewsTime gig - project me day 227

Today's blog is about good news, secrets and taking one step closer to my life purpose. The good news is also the secret and the tale behind the secret is a about a little part of the personality that we call Ego. So, I've been keeping a secret because I've been waiting for good news […]

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14 May 2010
Take a tour through - project me day 132

Yesterday finally signalled relaunch day for my website and big reveal day for my second blog. Behind the scenes I've been secretly working on branding my specially designed products and preparing the first blog posts. I'm the worst at having a surprise and not being able to share it. Christmas time is a nightmare for […]

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5 May 2010
My little blue pill - project me day 124

So, things are getting a little scary in my paradigm. I'm beginning to be conscious of how long it really takes to get a new business off the ground. Well, I know I've said it all before ... I've mulled over the money issues, the frustrations, the fears and doubt that manages to slip through […]

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