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17 March 2011
Cape Town girls rock - project me daily blog day 441

Of course the story starts with me being stranded at the airport awaiting an update on the flight back to Jozi being delayed by an hour already. The flight from Jozi was a little torturous yesterday with horrid clouds (as pretty as they were) and huge air pockets. I swear it felt as though we […]

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16 March 2011
Hey, this moment is on my vision board - project me day 440

I'm half dressing, half blogging and finishing off the last bit of packing. It's a checklist free moment, which I thought I would never achieve in my life. It takes a lot of trust for a control freak to pack with the realisation that I'm not going to the middle of nowhere and if I've […]

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29 January 2011
A lot can happen over a lamb korma - project me day 394

We all have a place, a passion and our favourite things. Sometimes it all accumulates into one perfect moment and last night was one of those. My place is Thava Indian Restaurant, my passion is teaching and my favourite things are a combo of incredible company, very chilled wine and hysterical reasons to laugh in […]

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