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29 January 2011
A lot can happen over a lamb korma - project me day 394

We all have a place, a passion and our favourite things. Sometimes it all accumulates into one perfect moment and last night was one of those. My place is Thava Indian Restaurant, my passion is teaching and my favourite things are a combo of incredible company, very chilled wine and hysterical reasons to laugh in […]

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8 October 2010
Madness of the mind - project me day 279

Greggie says he has such a good laugh because I say I'm going to do a quick blog and it's this long story even if I'm blogging from my Blackberry or if my back is killing me. It's not my fault, I'm going nuts not being able to write. I've been getting a few spurts […]

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4 October 2010
Cutting the cord - project me day 275

I'm doing my best at keeping the blogging up, but it seems that 'project me' is throwing me things on a daily basis that prove just how consciously I am living. Today was one of those days for so many reasons that I literally feel as though I cut the cold from the old me […]

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3 October 2010
Luvland, Sexpo and Lifeology - project me day 274

There's no way that I can go to sleep tonight without blogging after the longest, most daunting and exciting four days of my personal and professional life. If I had ever thought that 'project me' would have taken me on the ride it has over the past few days I think I wouldn't have dared […]

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3 October 2010
Never say die - project me day 273

This really is a short one because tonight is he last push for Sexpo and I want to be well rested. I promise to do a blog about the whole experience because it sure was one. I'm so excited that my friend Irvin has agreed to jump on board with project me and he is […]

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1 October 2010
Sexpo is on the go - project me day 271

Everything has managed to stall this blog today. Firstly I was exhausted from my first night at Sexpo and then there has been internet trouble the whole day so let?s hope that this post happens at some point today. I really have to rest as much as possible today because I can?t lie that my […]

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29 September 2010
Project me welcomes RegimA as a sponsor - project me day 270

This sponsorship could not have come at a better time and with more gratitude than when I am feeling the way I am right now. I can't believe what all the medication has done to my skin and it was frustrating to begin with. There are not enough words of gratitude to this incredible product […]

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2 September 2010
Project me is no walk in the park - project me day 244

The past few days have been the official pinnacle of frustration along my fun journey that started 244 days ago. It's all good and well to be conscious about life and look at every situation until you find the good and the fun it but when pain is involved it's a totally different mindset. Jeez […]

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31 August 2010
Stranded for all the right reasons - project me day 242

I woke up to the little voice of my nephew saying "Ssssh, Aunty Jo is sleeping!" Alright, he was shouting it about a baby step away from me, but I can't deny that isn't not a precious way to wake up. The downside is that by aching back was too sore to even stretch out […]

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27 August 2010
Don't sneeze, it's dangerous - project me day 238

Seriously, my back was healing even though I did have a draining day that kept me aching the whole of yesterday, but after a good night's rest I woke up not feeling that bad. I was upset when a friend of mine cancelled our arrangements for breakfast this morning. Here's here from Cape Town and […]

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